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Identify and describe the real, quantified objectives of your projects.


Model all persons, groups or object with some interest in your system, and link to requirements


Specify proposed designs and solutions; evaluate benefits and side-effects.


Automatically analyse impacts of solutions on project values and costs, making your project decisions smarter


Included Planguage processes for requirements, rules and glossary


Zero-install web application with real-time collaboration technology, with live updating, rich-text editing, images, commenting, FollowMe presenter mode

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Find out more about Needs & Means, requirements engineering, Planguage, and how we can help you improve the success of your projects, by focusing on what your stakeholders actually need.

First Steps With Planguage And Needs & Means

By Richard Smith on November 11, 2017

So you have registered for a new Organisation account on Needs & Means, but now what? This article gives you some ideas on how to get started writing your first awesome requirements using Planguage.

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About Us

By Richard Smith on June 7, 2017

Needs & Means was developed by RSBA Technology Ltd in 2015 as the world’s first purpose-built Planguage requirements authoring and management application using the latest reactive web technology.

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